Vivo X60 Pro Plus to launch with Chinese tablet


Vivo X60 Pro Plus has already started pre-sales in China today. However, it is believed that it may not be the only device to be presented by the manufacturer at launch, after all a new source points out that a tablet may debut alongside the high-end mobile on January 21.

The source is from a Weibo user, who is a very popular social network in China and similar to Twitter. She states that Vivo’s first tablet will be launched on January 21, along with Vivo X60 Pro Plus. This statement gains even more credibility when we notice that she also shared a poster with some highlights that the cell phone must present.

In the image it is mentioned that the tablet must be compatible with accessories such as a dockable keyboard. The poster also mentions that the tablet market is growing, which matches the name registrations of Vivo PAD and iQOO PAD and the research already released in August 2020 by Canalys.

According to the report, the tablet is expected to appear alongside the Vivo X60 Pro Plus or at least be announced in the first half of 2021.

An IDC report also points out that several tablets are due to be launched in 2021 to supply this growing market demand, which has never been so high since 2013. This should result in several new brands reaching the shelves where even ByteDance, owner of TikTok, you can launch your models with wide screens.

According to estimates, 5G tablets should make up even 8.1% of the mobile device market in 2021.


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