Vivo Receives A New Camera Patent For Its Future Phones

Camera positioning has recently become a problem on smartphones. In this context, companies are producing new solutions. Vivo also patented the sliding design for the camera. Whether the company will use the design on its new phones is a matter of curiosity.

Many solutions for front cameras have been produced to remove thick frames on phones. Vivo, too, took this issue deeper and patented a sliding design to meet the need for a hole, notch, or cradle for the camera. Patented a design similar to smartphones such as Mi MIX 3, OPPO Find X and Honor Magic 2, Vivo can use a similar design in future phones.

The company has been making improvements on the camera with skids before, but according to the latest news, we can see a smartphone with a sliding camera design soon. Considering that Vivo prefers bold designs in the NEX series, the new NES series can meet us with an unprecedented camera.

The design of the patent that Vivo received:
As seen from the design, there is a quad camera setup on the back. The camera, which was initially closed, rises thanks to the sliding mechanism and enables the LED flash to appear. However, apart from the sliding mechanism, the design of the phone seems very standard. Strangely in the design, the front camera of the phone is not visible, but the front camera is also expected to be added to the sliding mechanism.

It is not yet known whether this design will be used on the company’s new smartphones. As with all patent files, this patent dw can take its place on the dusty shelves of history or use it on phones to make users satisfied.

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