Vivo Recarga: digital account is born old without PIX


And Vivo is the newest company to launch its digital account. The operator has not hidden this desire since it launched its first financial service, focused on offering loans. Recently it also started to offer recharges via PIX, with a nice bonus for the first use. And now it is taking its biggest step towards becoming an even more financial company.

Vivo Recarga at that moment is only available for Android smartphones and tablets, but anyone can create an account on the service, whether the customer is an operator or not.

The name sounds confusing, after all, it is the same used for the company’s pre-recharge channel. And well, even if the credit service did not have that name, the confusion would be little different, after all the name chosen gives little sense of being a digital account.

An interesting novelty that the service brings is twice the bonus in refills. If through conventional digital channels the user receives an extra 200 MB of internet, in Vivo Recarga it takes 400 MB. The R $ 20 recharge then generates an extra 1 GB, the R $ 25 1.6 GB, and the R $ 30 2 GB.

Despite not having a physical card, the user can generate a virtual debit card to use the account balance.

The good news, however, ends there. Despite proposing to be a digital wallet, Vivo Recarga is already uncompetitive. For example, it is not possible to use PIX to receive or transfer resources. This would not even be the worst part if transfers via TED and deposits via boleto were not taxed at R $ 3.50 and R $ 2 respectively. Transfers from Vivo to Vivo accounts do not generate fees.

There are much more attractive free digital account options at this time.

Remember, Vivo is not the first operator to enter the universe of digital wallets. Tim does not put her name on the most popular product, C6 Bank, but has already integrated fintech into most of its plans, distributing bonuses to those who pay bills or recharge prepaid devices through their partner’s account.

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