Vivo Promises Three Years Of Updates On Some Of Its Mobiles


Vivo promises three years of updates on some of its mobiles

The mobile manufacturer promises that its users will have guaranteed updates for three years.

Caring for a smartphone is not only done on the outside, it also needs improvements to avoid problems in the future. Yes, putting its cover and tempered glass on it have become a must, but the truth is that if the mobile gives an error due to the software, none of the above will help you. And this is not only a matter of the developers of an operating system, it also has to do with those of the firms themselves where more and more they contribute a plus to maintenance. One of them will be Vivo with its three years of updates on its mobiles.

Vivo extends its update service

Update downloads have changed over time. The packages with changes issued by companies are increasing, but we must be grateful that telecommunication networks have evolved so much that all the content is downloaded in just a few minutes. Of course, you will have to wait another couple of minutes for the terminal to make the relevant installation and restart to settle all the news.

If we focus on Android phones, we have to talk about the fact that smartphones improve their operating system every two years. After this time they cannot be updated any more as far as the base layer is concerned, but the custom part is something else. And here Vivo wants to take another leap in its service by providing an extra year in sending updates. In short: users of a Vivo terminal will have a total of three years with guaranteed updates.

The best thing about this measure is that it will apply to products sold in Australia, Europe and India and also includes both security patches and important Android updates


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