vivo Patents Phone with Screen Folded Back


Chinese smartphone manufacturer vivo has patented a smartphone with a part of the screen that folds from the bottom to the back. The patent was the harbinger of the news that we will hear foldable phone news from Chinese manufacturers recently.

Foldable smartphones are now gradually becoming widespread in daily life. Although these phones cannot be used with all their efficiency, studies continue on new foldable smartphone designs. Today, we came across a new foldable phone design that vivo has patented.

The new patent, seen in China’s National Intellectual Property Administration, showed the foldable phone from all sides. The images prepared based on the patent also revealed how the smartphone could look like in reality. The front of the phone consists entirely of the screen.

vivo’s foldable phone design:

vivo’s foldable smartphone has a hinge at the bottom that opens outward. In this way, the foldable part of the phone leans against the back. As we understand from the patent images, the foldable part of the smartphone will be almost half the size of the screen on the front when we take into account the curved part at the bottom.

The rest of the screen, which is folded on the back of the phone, will have a camera setup. This camera installation, where we see 5 different lenses, will host the periscope lens according to the information in the patent. There will also be a vertical LED flash next to the camera setup.

We do not know how much cost and effort it takes to return the smartphone design we see in the patent to real life. In addition, it is worth remembering that the designs in the patents do not pass into real life from time to time. So vivo may or may not really present this design to us.

Seeing a patent by vivo gave us an idea of ​​the future of foldable phones. The emergence of this patent while waiting for a foldable phone move from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo and vivo means that we will see diversity in this type of phone very soon.


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