Vivo patents a mobile that folds its screen to the back


Vivo is one of the most advanced phone brands in this field. In fact, it has put itself ahead of some of the best known firms when it comes to improvements and now it wants to innovate again. It seemed that everything was invented in the field of folding smartphones in terms of design, but it is precisely Vivo that is behind a mobile that folds its screen to the back.

This is the new Vivo patent

Patents always bring us something to talk about about the future of technology companies. The field does not matter, but it is true that when it comes to mobile phones they always attract attention. In fact, we are at a time when ideas come and go with interesting proposals. The use of flexible screens has made this possible and now everyone is working on their own way of using them.

This time we have to go to China to talk about the new patent that Vivo has presented. It is a phone that folds its screen to the back. The concept, as seen on 91mobiles, consists of a classic mobile frame with a bottom that folds into the phone. At first glance, it maintains the style of any smartphone you know, but the company raises the possibility of folding the bottom part to provide the back with a screen.

This function may not seem very functional a priori, but it is most likely that it has a photographic function. Come on, it will be used so that you can take a selfie with the rear camera and in great detail. It would only be left to wait for the firm to confirm these suspicions and see how the phone runs in the future.

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New phone restructuring

When folding the bottom of the mobile to put it on the back there are certain things to consider. The first is that the terminal would lose useful space for placing the hardware, prompting to switch the USB C input and other connectors to the top. Of course, you would say goodbye to the use of front cameras, leaving the rear sensors as the only ones available for taking photos and video calls.

Of course, and as we usually say, this is a patent. This means that the arrival on the market of this device could not be final and we will have to wait for the final decision of the firm.


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