Vivo NEX Fold Will Arrive Sooner Than Expected


Vivo NEX Fold is officially coming. Here are the Vivo NEX Fold expected features and release date.

In the smartphone market, devices with foldable screens have now become a trend. While companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi are playing their trump card in this field, manufacturers such as Vivo, Google and OPPO will soon be included in these. While it has been suggested that Xiaomi is working on a new generation foldable phone in recent days, news about Vivo’s new phone has started to emerge. Chinese sources have revealed the first information about Vivo NEX Fold.

It was said that Vivo’s new foldable phone will be released in the coming years. However, according to a recent report, the Chinese manufacturer will deliver its foldable phone called Vivo NEX Fold to users towards the end of this year.

Vivo NEX Fold will launch later this year

In the past weeks, Vivo has filed a trademark application for some NEX devices. It turned out that one of the models that the company applied to was the Vivo NEX Fold. Now, the release date of this device has once again been brought up by the sources.

According to one of the well-known tech agents, Ice Universe, Vivo’s next smartphone will not be the NEX 5. Instead, the company will launch its first foldable device, the Vivo NEX Fold.

Ross Young, CEO of DSCC (Screen Supply Chain Consulting), gave some information about the screen of the Vivo NEX Fold model in a statement he made. In this context, the first foldable phone of the Chinese manufacturer will be one of the largest inward-folding models on the market.

While Xiaomi included an 8.01-inch internal display in the Mi Mix Fold model, Huawei included an 8.0-inch internal display in the Mate X2. However, it is said that Vivo will feature a larger internal screen than both phones. This can range from 8.1 to 8.2 inches.

According to rumors, the Vivo NEX Fold will be released this year. However, it may take January for the device to fully reach users. Because this phone, which will be sold first in the Chinese market, is expected to come to global markets a few months later.


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