Vivo Fiber Up To 600 Mb/s Reaches Nine More Cities in São Paulo


Vivo Fiber, Vivo’s fiber optic internet, will reach nine cities in São Paulo with broadband plans of up to 600 Mb/s speed. According to information disclosed by the company, the novelty will be available in the municipalities of Adamantina, Barra Bonita, Dracena, Itápolis, Guararapes and Espírito Santo do Pinhal. The connection was also implemented in the cities of Franco da Rocha, Francisco Morato and Caieiras, through the Terra Fibra franchise.

As a result, the service now serves 140 cities in the state of São Paulo. The infrastructure used follows the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) model, which makes it possible to take fiber optic technology into the customer’s home. Thus, the signal suffers less interference, even at peak times and when many devices are connected.

Vivo Fiber packages and benefits

Acting as a hub for digital services, Vivo established partnerships with famous brands and, from that union, started to offer packages that include not only internet, but services such as Netflix, Disney+ and others. This way, the subscriber has the facility to contract multiple products in one place.

Vivo Fiber subscribers can also purchase Vivo Play, the operator’s video platform that offers, among other things, more than 20,000 on-demand content, as well as integrated access to streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube and Youtube Kids. All this, eliminating the need for a Smart TV.

In addition, internet plans also offer advantages over the operator’s mobile network. If the customer is a holder of Vivo Pós or Vivo Controle plans, he will receive additional data bonuses of up to 50 GB every month. The benefits also extend to Vivo Valoriza, a relationship program that offers discounts on company and partner products and services.