Vivo Designed a Special Charging Cable for Mobile Players


Vivo Designed a Special Charging Cable for Mobile Players. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has designed a charging cable for mobile players. This specially designed T-shaped data transfer cable also features a quick charge.

Many smartphone manufacturers today develop not only smartphones, but also various accessories for these devices. The most well-known examples are headphones, chargers and charging cables.

China-based smartphone manufacturer Vivo is one of these companies. The company launched a Type C data cable for mobile gaming. The product has a very useful design and functions.

Vivo’s new mobile acting data cable features a “T” design and a suction cup attached to the back of the phone. Attached to the back of the device, this suction cup allows the cable to go around the back of the phone, so the gaming experience is not interrupted. However, this cable can only be used for Type C chargers.

This data cable developed by the company supports 2A charging. According to the official source, the cable works well on Vivo and IQOO smartphones. The cable offers support for 44 W ultra-fast charging and can accommodate compatible IQOO devices to 69% charge in just 30 minutes.

With this data cable, the Vivo X27 achieves a 57% charge in a half-hour period, with the smartphone’s fast charging support of 22.5 W. The length of the cable is about 1.2 meters, and the special design makes the cable less likely to tangle.

Price and color options:

The cable specially designed by Vivo for this mobile game is available in two different colors: red and blue. The price of the product is 7.11 dollars.

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What do you think about this charging cable that Vivo designed for mobile players? Would you consider buying such a product? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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