VIVIZ Describe The Meaning of Their Album Title “VarioUS” + The Message Behind The Upcoming Title Track “PULL UP”


Singles Korea has released a new photo shoot with VIVIZ!

Looking back on their growth over the past year as VIVIZ, the trio teased what would happen to their third mini-album, “VarioUS,” which will be released at the end of the month.

To explain the album title, SinB shared: “We used the letters “V” for VIVIZ and “US” to represent ourselves. It is designed to clearly emphasize “us who have different images and different colors,” and not one stereotypical image.”

Eunha added, “As always, this album is full of music that we are capable of, but a little more mature. If the two albums that we released earlier emphasized the bright atmosphere, you will be able to feel the dark color that VIVIZ is gradually creating in this album.”

As for the message they want to convey with their new title track “PULL UP”, SinB commented: “The lyrics of the song “PULL UP” say that you need to speak freely and not pay attention to the views of others. It’s a song that’s completely filled with confidence.”

Umji chimed in, “Even though we’ve tried different songs during the promotion so far, this title track is a song with a completely different and new color. He has a cheeky mood and is exciting, so when you listen, it seems that your confidence is naturally charged.”

Eunha commented: “It reflects a bold message: “Don’t act like you know and don’t talk about others.” But still I don’t pay attention.” She continued: “Since each song has its own charm, not just the title track, it will be fun to choose what to listen to. Maybe it’s because we’ve been working to satisfy a wide variety of tastes, but I’m sure that overall the album will be like a generous gift.”

Returning to the main idea of “PULL UP”, VIVIZ participants were asked how they would react directly to gossip about them. SinB replied: “While it would be great to get love from everyone, it’s not working as planned. Although it hurt me when I was younger, time heals everything, now I think of it as attention and decided to love it too.” Laughing, she added: “Isn’t it good when you like everything?”

Umji shared, “It was very painful for me trying to accept it as it is, and I tried my best to ignore it. Now, to some extent, I think I’ve learned to filter it flexibly. I am sure that this is how my inner self grows one more step.”

Eunha replied casually: “To be honest, I don’t pay attention. Although I was really involved in it in the past, now I feel like “just do what you want!” I’d rather they showed more interest and chatted even more. In the future, I’m not going to get carried away with these things either, and I’d rather be more grateful. So I hope people will become even more obsessed!”

VIVIZ will return with “VarioUS” on January 31 at 18:00. KST and their full singles feature will be available in the February issue of the magazine.


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