VIVIZ Announces The Details of The January Comeback: Album Title, Release Date and More!


VIVIZ is returning to the K-pop scene this January, and more details have been released.

Find out more about their return plans!

VIVIZ announces the details of the January comeback: album title, release date and much more!
K-pop trio VIVIZ will be back as they revealed more details about their comeback this January. A group of girls will release “VarioUS” on January 31 at 18:00. KST.

Their label BPM Entertainment has published a schedule consisting of a pre-order schedule, track listing disclosure, and concept photo releases.

In addition, the list also includes 3 mood samples for their album, as well as previews and 2 teasers of music videos.

The poster also depicted girls in elegant jewelry with impeccable outfits that can be used as an outfit for night out and official events.

On January 8, BP Entertainment also released a teaser titled “VIVIZ (비비지) – the third mini—album VarioUS will be released soon.”

The smooth and complex content of the return indicates that VIVIZ will make their return focused on a different atmosphere.

Unlike their hilarious releases like “LOVEADE” and “BOP BOP,” fans will surely wonder if they will choose a mature concept this year.

Their fandom, Na.V., expressed excitement about the return.

They also expect VIVIZ to approach a seemingly new sound while retaining their band flavor.

Some even suggested how they came up with the name “VarioUS”. The fan explained how he represents their “diversity” of musical genres, calling “us” themselves.

The assumption indicates that VIVIZ will release other concepts in the future.

“BUDDY and Na.V, believe me, this year will be a happy one for us! And this happiness will be even tastier if we share it with our girls!”

“I’m so excited! I’m expecting a new sound from VIVIZ.”

“I like that they did it with 3 fonts, including the participants. Although it looks like a sharp track.”

“I’ve never doubted VIVIZ, I’m always excited, it’s just ‘coming soon’, but I’m so happy.”

“No, but to be honest, their comeback is so witty. VarioUS, for a wide variety of genres that they can showcase, as this was their main goal for VIVIZ in the first place. We are different. Amazing.”

BPM Entertainment Releases an Announcement about VIVIZ’s Preparations for a Comeback
BPM Entertainment’s initial announcement on January 5 stated that the trio would return for the first time in 2023. They confirmed that the band is nearing the final stages of preparing and recording a music video.

“At the end of January we will release a new album VIVIZ. We recently shot a video for an upcoming song and are currently preparing for the final stage of their comeback.”

What do you think about their concept? Are you glad to have VIVIZ back? Tell us in the comments below!


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