Vivaldi Launches Exclusive Browser For Android Cars


Vivaldi Technologies presented this Wednesday (22) the first browser developed exclusively for Android Automotive, a version of Google’s operating system focused on automobiles. The novelty offers an exclusive and customizable experience for drivers and passengers.

According to the developer, Vivaldi for Android Automotive brings basically the same functions found in a browser for mobile devices. Guided browsing, website access, online shopping and streaming services are some of the features available, as well as translation tools and a private window.

The browser also has a built-in ad blocker, an extension that allows you to take notes and synchronize with the Vivaldi account, making it possible to transfer data protected with encryption between devices, preventing access by third parties. The company also informs that the software does not store information when used anonymously.

With security as one of its main priorities, the browser for Android Automotive only works with the car parked, as explained by Vivaldi. If the vehicle starts to move and the browser is playing a video on YouTube, for example, the streaming will continue only with the audio activated while the car is moving.