Vivaldi Introduced Its New Features


Vivaldi introduced the new features it brought to the browser. Vivaldi wants to close the gap with its competitors with new features.

Trying to catch up with its competitors such as Chrome, Opera and Yandex, the Vivaldi web browser continues its work. The company shared the new features it added to the browser.

Vivaldi has previously added options such as mouse gestures, split screen, customizable keyboard shortcuts. The Norway-based company has now announced that the email and calendar application features are now included in the browser.

The e-mail feature, which comes with version 4.0 of the browser and is currently in beta, will allow reading mail from multiple accounts. On the other hand, the beta calendar application will take its place in the new version to manage schedules and take advantage of online calendar services.

Vivaldi also mentioned other goals

In a blog post, the Norwegian company stated that there is a good chance that Google’s Gmail, Apple’s Mail service or Microsoft’s Outlook can be relied upon for email and calendar management. He also stated that Vivaldi aims to make it a real alternative to big technology by now handling it in their own software.

Vivaldi also thinks power users will welcome the features built into the mail app. These built-in features include combining activities from multiple email accounts into one unified inbox, detecting categories such as mailing lists, sorting them intelligently, designing several tasks in parallel, and creating a local mail database that can be searched even when offline.

In addition to these two features, Vivaldi 4.0 will include the following features:

A website translation tool based on technology from AI powered translation company Lingvanex, a feed reader for checking RSS feeds from bloggers, news sites and posting online updates.