Vivaldi Criticizes Microsoft For Forcing Edge As The Default Browser


Microsoft: The CEO of the developer who maintains the browser Vivaldi and creator of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, harshly criticized Microsoft’s actions to prevent users from switching from their default browser and using Edge to browse the Internet on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

In a post on Vivaldi’s blog, the executive recalls that this is a classic anti-competitive practice by the company, which used to do something similar to Internet Explorer and was even investigated for suspected monopoly in the 1990s, but seemed to have learned the lesson and reduced these tricks.

However, messages that appear on Windows and “suggest” that you don’t use a browser other than Microsoft Edge, in particular the “so 2008” Google Chrome, angered von Tetzchner and motivated him to write the post.

“Desperate” attitudes

When looking for Vivaldi and trying to make the switch, he also felt some hurdles, including a message that “there’s no need to download” another browser. “Microsoft’s actions look desperate. And familiar. It’s clear they don’t want you using other browsers,” says the CEO, accusing the brand of monopoly.

“They even offer to pay you to use the browser from Microsoft Rewards. That’s not the behavior of a confident company developing a superior browser. It’s the behavior of a company openly abusing its position of power to push people to use it. of its inferior product, simply because it can,” he explains.