Vivaldi 3.0 Arrives with Important Innovations in Desktop and Android Versions


Vivaldi 3.0 came with significant innovations in advertising and security on both desktop and mobile platforms. The new version of the browser was also the first stable version that came to Android devices.

Good news came to those using the Vivaldi web browser today. Vivaldi, led by Opera co-founder Jon S von Tetzchner, released the Vivaldi 3.0 desktop version as well as the first stable version of Vivaldi for Android devices.

Both versions of the Vivaldi browser came with built-in ad and tracker blocking. The desktop version also introduced new clock options for the status bar, as well as enhancements to the pop-up video feature.

Stable version of Vivaldi came to Android
The stable Android version of Vivaldi came about 7 months after the first beta version was released. The mobile browser has been made more functional with the features that can be tailored to the needs of the users over the past few months.

Both desktop and mobile versions of Vivaldi 3.0 offer two built-in blockers designed to increase user privacy and security. The first is blocking third-party viewers while browsing the web. The other one is the ad blocker, which is one of the features that users love.

Both features are disabled by default. Users can enable viewer blocking for all websites from Privacy in the Settings section, or enable each site individually by clicking the shield icon displayed in the Address bar.

Vivaldi 3.0 desktop version has new clock options
Desktop version of Vivaldi 3.0 brought a new customizable clock to the status bar. Along with an analog clock, countdown or time-based alarm setting options have also been added. Users can customize the clock by right-clicking the status bar button.

In addition to all these, the pop-up video feature of the desktop browser also gains various improvements. The new slider makes it easy to watch the video directly from the popup, while those who find the feature distracting can disable it from the Web Pages tab in Settings.

You can download Vivaldi 3.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux for free here. You can download Vivaldi 3.0 for Android for Android 5.0 or higher devices here.


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