Vitamin D: discover why it is important for the human body


Here we will tell you what are the reasons why you should avoid a vitamin D deficiency at all costs, take care!

Although vitamin D is a substance that the human body can generate on its own, although, the correct levels are not always there for different reasons; However, having a deficiency of this is very dangerous, since it can cause several diseases, here we tell you why!

The importance of having vitamin D

Bone maintenance, as well as its formation, can be carried out thanks to vitamin D, although it also has other functions in the human body; however, this is one of the most prominent.

In Somagews we inform you that vitamin D is also essential for vertebrate animals to have strong bones.

The importance of vitamin D is that, thanks to its intervention, it is possible for the human body to absorb the calcium it needs for its proper functioning, in addition to being the main component of the bone skeleton, hence if there is a deficiency of This can lead to rickets disease, which softens and weakens your bones.

Vitamin D deficiency can also cause weak bones in adults, hence it makes them prone to break easily, it can also trigger osteomalacia and osteoporosis, among other diseases.

What foods to eat to get vitamin D?

Although there are many supplements that promise to provide vitamin D to the body, it is best to choose to ingest this substance through foods that are included in a balanced diet, and although there are several that you can consume, some of the most prominent are:

Marine mollusks
Dairy like butter, cheese, yogurt, and milk

An also very easy and efficient way to obtain vitamin D, is having exposure to the Sun, hence it is advisable to take it twice a week, yes, try to put on sunscreen!


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