Vitalik Buterin Reveals His Biggest Regret Regarding Ethereum (ETH)


Speaking during an AMA event on Twitter, Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin revealed his biggest regret regarding Ethereum.

Buterin stated that the choice of the founder is the biggest disadvantage he has experienced since he started working on Ethereum.

Buterin stated that his biggest regret during his Ethereum journey, which was not for technical reasons, was the decision to have several co-founders on the team. Buterni stressed that the 8 co-founders were chosen in haste.

“It is extremely difficult for people to be tightly coordinated in small groups. You cannot ensure that everyone is on the same plane.”

In summary, Buterin stated that he experienced various difficulties of having so many co-founders. Besides Vitalik Buterin, the founders include Charles Hoskinson, Antonio Di Iorio, Jeffery Wilcke, Joseph Lubin, Amir Chetrit, Mihai Alisie and Gavin Wod.

However, a disagreement arose between the founding partners later. When Buterin said the project would continue as a nonprofit, Charles Hoskinson left the project and later created Cardano. Gavin Wood left the project to launch Polkadot (DOT).


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