Vitalik Buterin: NFTs Can Provide Social Benefit


Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin announced that NFTs can be used for social benefit. According to Buterin, NFTs can help people outside of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Vitalik Buterin touched upon the issue of NFT in a blog post he shared. The founder of Ethereum emphasized that for NFTs to benefit in the social field, this area “should not be seen as an area that is beneficial to the rich and famous”.

“We can decide what kind of results NFTs will give”

The question that should be asked for Buterin on this issue is: Which NFT do people like or do not want to buy? He answers this question as follows:

“If everyone agrees that one NFT is interesting and another is bad, chances are the majority will choose to take the first one. This is a matter of legitimacy; because people can brag about it, resell it, and know that many people like that NFT. ”

According to Buterin, if this legitimacy can be directed to a good side, it may be possible to benefit from NFTs. In this case; users, artists, charities, and many more individuals and organizations can benefit.

For this, it offers two potential ideas.

  • Charities

According to Vitalik Buterin, some charities or DAOs can allocate some of their income to NFTs and donate in this way. Donations can cover many areas such as poverty, scientific research, art, journalism, software.

  • Social media

Buterin mentions that NFTs can be made more visible by working with social media platforms. Users can add their NFTs, earned amount etc. in their profiles. they can show.

Finally, Buterin reminded that NFT is an important area that needs active coordination and support.


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