Visual proof that the Honor 30 will have a 50MP Sony IMX700 camera


There has been a significant improvement in Honor’s upcoming new phone 30. A leaked image of the model, which has been on the agenda for some time, reveals that the Sony IMX700 sensor will be found in the Honor 30 series.

Smartphone enthusiasts are currently talking about Honor, the sub-brand of Chinese technology giant Huawei. Because the company recently introduced new smartphone models one after the other and continues to prepare for new ones. On April 15, Honor will present its new smartphone series “Honor 30” to consumers.

Some recent rumors suggest that the Honor 30 will have an IMX7 series main camera developed by Sony. A leaked image depicting the camera setup of the phone reveals that these rumors are true and that the Honor 30 will have a 50 MP sensor called Sony’s IMX700.

Leaked image of the Honor 30
What we know about Sony’s IMX700 sensor is very limited. However, sources leaking the image of the Honor 30 say the IMX700 will be Sony’s largest mobile sensor. This statement reveals that the IMX700 may be equivalent to the 1 / 1.28 sensor in the Huawei P40 series.

The leaked image of the Honor 30 reveals that the camera setup of the phone will be in 4-up and one of them will be a periscope camera. Honor will present two LED flash and OCTA PD features in its upcoming new phone.

The leaked image reveals that the Honor 30 will also have an infrared blaster or a 3.5mm headphone jack. We can also see that there is a secondary microphone on the left side of this section. In addition, we understand that the Honor 30 will have a metal frame, thanks to the antennas placed on the top of the phone.

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When April 15 arrives, Honor will meet consumers with two different phone models called 30 and 30 Pro. The company’s announcements will reveal all the details about the 30 series, but sources close to the company will not leave this phone empty until April 15.


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