Vision S Series Powered by Huawei, HarmonyOS


Huawei announced the Vision S series, new smart TV models in the middle segment, which still offer quite remarkable features.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced the Huawei Vision S series, new smart TV models working with its own operating system, HarmonyOS. Vision S model, which is made up of two different models and three different screen sizes, is 55 inches and 66 inches; Vision S Pro comes in two different screen sizes, 65 inches and 75 inches.

Powered by the Honghu processor, the new Huawei Vision S smart TVs offer features such as 120 Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, 92 percent DCI-P3 color palette. Thanks to the HarmonyOS operating system, both TV models offer features in many different areas such as gaming, education, health, office, and offer seamless connectivity between smartphones and screens. In addition, all TV models come with 4 Huawei Sound 10W speakers.

There are three different series in Huawei’s smart TV products, Vision X, Vision S and Vision V. At this point, Vision S appears as a mid-segment TV series, and we can say that its counterpart in smartphones is the Huawei Nova series. The prices announced by Huawei for its new Vision S series smart TVs are as follows;

Huawei Vision S Series prices

Huawei Vision S 55 inch

3GB + 16GB – $ 503
3GB + 32GB – $ 564

Huawei Vision S 65 inch

3GB + 16GB – $ 762
3GB + 32GB – $ 1,067

Huawei Vision S Pro 65 inch

3GB + 32GB – $ 869

Huawei Vision S Pro 75 inch

3GB + 32GB – $ 1,220

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