Virgin’s HyperLoop makes the first tests with passengers


Technology is very present in the world of logistics and transport. It is a fact that mechanics have a lot to say in this regard, but artificial intelligence and new research suggest that the way of moving by rail will also change soon with the imminent arrival of the HyperLoop after the new tests take place. with real passengers.

HyperLoop with passengers

We have long awaited the new advances of the HyperLoop, the famous ultra-fast train that will connect cities in hours. The project is very ambitious and many hope that it will become a reality, especially to save time and travel in a means of transport that touches the ground in some way. Virgin is one of the companies behind such a project and it seems to be making great strides.

So much so that the British company has already tested a HyperLoop capsule with passengers. Yes, real people have already mounted on the module that will travel at high speed on some tracks. According to The Verge, the XP-2 capsule is designed to make everyone feel comfortable, leaving aside that you are traveling through a tube through which a capsule travels at high speed.

The tests were carried out on the DevLoop track, where the capsule reached 160 km / h until it came to a stop on the way. This test tried to demonstrate the capacity of the capsule, the sensation it produces in the passengers and, above all, the safety of the transport. According to statements made by Virgin Hyperloop’s chief technology officer and co-founder Josh Giegel, “the acceleration will feel similar to that of a plane taking off.”

A safer but slower ride

Testing of Virgin’s HyperLoop with real passengers has started, which is a big step for the British company. However, there are things that still need to be polished and details that are also important for passengers. Let us remember that the train is capable of multiplying its speed until it reaches a maximum of 467 km / h as we have already seen in the case of SpaceX.

In addition, the tests that have to be carried out are at the level of calculations since it is important to have problems such as stations. The capsule must brake in each station, which implies the depressurization of the tube and restart it again. We will have to wait to see how it progresses.


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