Virgin River: Why This Character’s Death Affected Fans Emotionally


Virgin River is the most successful romantic fantasy drama on the Netflix network. The series premiered its season 3 on July 9 and a few weeks ago the team and cast announced the culmination of filming for the fourth installment, which must answer many questions about facts that keep viewers of the fantastic show intrigued.

Virgin River fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new episodes, which should appear on screens early in 2022, bearing in mind that season 4 is in post-production, a job that probably won’t involve further work anymore. that scarcely few special effects are featured.

When Virgin River season 2 was wrapping up, fans were shocked at the end of the last episode after Martin Henderson’s main character Jack was shot in the stomach that fortunately did not kill him. While many thought this was the end of him, after just a few weeks in the hospital he was back home.

From what it has shown us since it opened, Virgin River may be a drama in which the characters’ everyday romantic complications are central, but it is not a show in which death is always present. However, in season 3 one happened that left fans devastated.

When Virgin River season 3 appeared on screens with its ten episodes, fans discovered that Lily was dying of cancer, but even so the series inspired by the Robbyn Carr series of novels, did not prepare them for how devastating her would be. death once it happened.

In Virgin River’s third installment, fans watched Lily go through this entire stage with her daughter, absorbing all the time and creating as many happy memories as she could, and preparing her for her pending death and the future of raising her little sister during her life. absence. Lily was a character that brought many of the other characters together, so her death ripped through the small town of Virgin River and hit everyone hard.

Lily’s Virgin River performer Lynda Boyd brought fans of the romantic drama to tears as the character set out for a nap and never woke up again, turning her death into something deeply emotional that deeply affected viewers of the drama. romantic from the streaming platform Netflix.