Virgin River: This actress worries her fans after threatening to leave the series


Virgin River has kept Netflix subscribers constantly updated with each of their updates. That is why through its Instagram account, the production always shares the series behind the scenes and talks with its audience about the recordings.

This time, one of the main actresses of the popular series has alerted all the fans of her with one of the recent news about the filming of the fifth season. Her comments have fans worried, since Mel’s appearance in season five could be her last, it was the same actress Alexandra Breckenridge who hinted at it.

Mel’s interpreter has lately expressed some inconveniences that she has been facing after filming the production with the rest of the cast. As is well known, this series will not only return for a fourth season later this year, but Netflix has already given the green light to a fifth season.

On her cooking show via Instagram, chatting with her 805,000 followers, she dared to provide more information on when the cast is likely to return to set. She confirmed: “We were supposed to start in March, but it has been postponed.”

Thanks to its surge in popularity, the Netflix platform was craving a quick comeback between seasons four and five. However, with these statements, it is not clear when exactly the production will return to Vancouver to begin the new round of recordings.

Alexandra Breckenridge continued her revelations with the following details: “I don’t know. I do not really know. But I hope we start in the summer. “Let’s remember that the previous installments were filmed in the last months of the year, usually starting in September and ending in December.

Which means that Alexandra Breckenridge and the rest of her classmates have to shoot in low temperatures, so she confirmed her disagreement with the set: “It would be nice to shoot in Vancouver in summer instead of winter.” But this is not all, Alexandra unburdened herself to the cameras with her intimate revelations. She now she only remains patiently waiting for the arrival.

“Actually, I’m not really interested in doing this again. It’s really cold. And when you’re outside in sandals and light clothes, because it’s supposed to be the middle of summer, it’s not amazing! “