Virgin River: These are the places that appear in the drama and exist in real life


Virgin River, the romantic drama of the Netflix streaming platform, recently ended the filming of the long-awaited season 4 therefore and a premiere of the next episodes is expected at a date no later than the first half of 2022. The series that follows the Mel and Jack’s romance with their complicated sentimental situation, keeps fans intrigued and therefore must answer many questions.

In the Netflix romantic fantasy series, Mel is a nurse who moves to the fictional little town Virgin River, and Jack is a retired former Marine who has lived in the same place for a while, and who became an owner. of a renowned bar located in the same city and that bears his name.

Since the show premiered in 2019, many fans of the series have been wondering if Jack’s Bar exists in real life. Let us remember that the Virgin River people and their characters are products of television fiction that is inspired by the literary work of the author Robyn Carr.

In the Netflix series everything is the product of the writer’s imagination, including the small town which according to the plot is located in northern California, but in reality the drama is set and filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Jack’s Bar on Virgin River exists in real life, but its real name is Watershed Grill, and it is located in Brackendale, north of Vancouver on the Squamish River.

However, for the Netflix drama only the outside of Watershed Grill is filmed, but the filming of Virgin River’s interior scenes at Jack’s Bar are actually taking place inside a local studio and not on the premises. true. Likewise, the fictional clinic where Doc works is filmed in a real home located in historic Queen’s Park in New Westminster.

Similarly, Mel’s cabin is also very real and is located in Murdo Frazer Park in British Columbia, Canada. Fans of the series are more than welcome to visit the impressive park and explore all of its picturesque areas, which are featured in the Vancouver tourism agency’s travel guide. Built in 1950, it is a private property and therefore Netflix obtained the permission to shoot Virgin River.