Virgin River: The Netflix Drama Plot Error That Fans Won’t Forgive


Virgin River, the fantastic drama that narrates the romance between Jack and Mel, premiered season 3 in July of last year through the Netflix streaming platform. With a fourth installment in post-production, fans are expecting the new episodes to hit their screens sometime in 2022.

Virgin River fans are anxious to find out what will happen between Jack and Mel when the series returns. Let’s remember that the romantic couple is not going through a good time in their already complicated relationship, since she is pregnant, but she is not sure if the baby is Jack’s or the product of in vitro fertilization.

Without a doubt, this is a plot that left Virgin River viewers anguished while Netflix assures that Mel and Jack in season 4 will be going through many low moments, when the characters are back with the new episodes. However, this won’t be the only story as Charmaine is also pregnant and being manipulated by her new love interest, Todd.

The truth is that Virgin River fans may be anxious, but to entertain themselves while they wait for the arrival of season 4 on Netflix, they are reviewing the 30 episodes that the drama has to its credit and that are currently available on the platform. .

And it is that the viewers of Virgin River went to social networks after watching some episodes of Virgin River, with the purpose of discussing an error that they found in the plot and that they did not forgive, just because it was very obvious. This detail is related to Paige Lassiter’s story arc and her little son Christopher.

Fans know that in the Netflix drama, Paige, whose name is actually Michelle, is on the run with Christopher from her abusive ex-husband named Wes. In the series it is seen when she and her son arrive at Virgin River and immediately changed the child’s name, in addition to dyeing her hair.

However, fans of Virgin River noted that the mistake of the Netflix series was to show Paige unchanged in her own physical appearance, despite the fact that her purpose was none other than to mislead her ex-husband and anyone who might recognize her. It is a part of the plot that does not make sense according to the faithful viewers.