Virgin River: The Martin Henderson Movie That Netflix Drama Fans Must See


Virgin River, the romantic drama of the Netflix streaming platform that arrived with season 3 advanced in July of last year, before the premiere of its most recent episodes, had the fourth installment in development, which finished filming last December.

The romantic fantasy drama that follows Mel and Jack is one of the Netflix shows that doesn’t keep fans waiting long between seasons. Only season 2 premiered at the end of 2020, and nobody really thought that six months later the third installment would be released. Surely this was a big surprise.

In this sense, if Netflix is ​​looking to shorten the arrival time between Virgin River seasons, it would not be surprising if it arrives in the coming months, that is, in the very near future. This is a sign that production is doing an efficient job, despite the restrictions generated by the global health crisis.

The truth is that Netflix has not said anything so far about a tentative release date for Virgin River season 4. And while fans patiently await the arrival of new episodes, Martin Henderson, interpreter of Jack Sheridan, is promoting his new thriller and horror film simply titled, ‘X’.

X movie trailer starring Virgin River actor Martin Henderson

A week ago, the Virgin River star Martin Henderson shared on his official account on the social network Instagram, a promotional poster of his most recent film production which is scheduled to be released on March 13 of this year in the United States.

The Virgin River actor’s new movie, ‘X,’ follows a group of filmmakers who head to rural Texas to develop an adult film in the middle of a farm. According to the official synopsis, everything takes a macabre turn when the producers discover what their friends really want. The film’s cast also stars Kid Cudi, Brittany Snow, Mia Goth and Jenny Ortega.