Virgin River Season 4: The physical change of this actor that surprised fans


Virgin River, the romantic fantasy drama that premiered in December 2019, returned to fan screens last July with season 3, and now that the fourth installment recently wrapped up filming, fans are hoping that the release will happen sometime. moment of the first half of 2022. You just have to watch to see if the transmitter surprises everyone with another preview of the new episodes.

Virgin River fans eagerly await the arrival of season 4 of the series that follows Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) on their hassle-free romantic journey. A series of intrigues the drama must solve, when the next episodes premiere on Netflix, which will surely bring great changes.

And it is that although some changes in season 4 of Virgin River are confirmed, especially in the cast due to recent additions, and in part of the plot related to Hope and her new friendly relationship with the character that is least thought, there is something interesting in this installment and it has to do with one of the young actors on the show.

Ever since Virgin River premiered in December 2019, fans have been watching Grayson Gurnsey playing the role of him as Ricky, the shy young man who works at Jack’s Bar. In some photos recently published on the official account of the series on the social network Instagram, some viewers were surprised by the physical change that the actor currently presents.

Virgin River fans are shocked by Ricky’s physical change

Several male characters from Virgin River appear in the photos, and fans of the drama noticed that Ricky looks totally different compared to how he looked in season 1. Let’s remember that viewers of the series have seen Gurnsey grow throughout of the series’ career, since at the time of the premiere he was only 18 years old. And although all the favorites appear in the post, the one that attracted the most attention was the young man. This they said:

“My God… is it Ricky? He has grown a lot hahaha! ”

“I didn’t recognize Ricky in the first photo!”

“Is it Ricky ???”

Although fans are surprised, the change in Ricky’s interpreter makes sense, since Grayson Gurnsey is now 21 years old. The character, expected to return with Virgin River season 4, will have to make some difficult and important decisions that could change the course of his life, including his romantic relationship with Lizzie.