Virgin River Season 4: The character who could say goodbye to the Netflix drama


Virgin River, the television adaptation of Robyn Carr’s novel series that premiered its third installment in advance on Netflix last July, is set to return to fan screens sometime in 2022 with season 4 having finished filming. in December 2021 and is currently in the final stage of post-production.

The television drama follows the lives of ex-marine Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse from Los Angeles who moves to the cozy town called Virgin River, with the purpose of starting a new life after the death of her husband Mark. In the upcoming episodes, the successful series will have to answer many questions that have been pending since before the third season.

As fans will remember, when Mel arrives in Virgin River she starts working for the town’s doctor, Vernon “Doc” Mullins (Tim Matheson); and although the pair have a rocky start in relating, they eventually become a team and good friends. Throughout the run of the Netflix drama, viewers have seen Doc’s health deteriorate and there is no doubt that fans of the romantic drama are worried about the future of the beloved doctor.

The truth is that so far Virgin River has not delved into Doc’s life, except for his medical history. So far his past has been surrounded by mysteries, but it will be season 4 of the show that tells the backstory of the character played by Matheson. In fact, the showrunner of the series, Sue Tenney, stated last year that the next episodes will answer all the questions about him.

The truth is that the statement by the Virgin River showrunner could suggest that season 4 of the Netflix drama will close the Doc story arc. And it is possible that due to his health condition he will leave the clinic. With the retelling of his past and the addition of a new doctor to the show’s cast, fans will think of nothing but an early goodbye to the character.

It was last year when it was announced that Mark Ghanimé had joined the cast of characters for season 4 of Virgin River as Dr. Cameron Hayek. By the official description, a dashing new doctor armed with striking looks, a sharp intellect and a smile that could light up the world, Cameron makes an immediate impact on the town, especially with the ladies of Virgin River. When Tenney was asked in the interview if Doc is leaving Virgin River, she responded to TV Insider with the following:

“A surprise early in season four that will address the question you’re asking.”