Virgin River Season 4: Martin Henderson update gets drama fans excited


Virgin River is the fantasy romantic drama from the Netflix streaming platform that premiered its third season in early July 2021. Fans did not expect this installment so soon, since they estimated a release for December. The good news is that season 4 is fully filmed, which has led many to think that they will soon have new episodes on their screens.

Importantly, Virgin River season 4 filming was in the works when Netflix released the third installment. Actually, this was a surprise to fans, since most television productions are experiencing delays in their development due to the health crisis that the world is currently going through. However, this was fortunately not the case for Virgin River.

The truth is that the filming of season 4 of Virgin River culminated at the end of 2021. Without a doubt, this is a reason for rejoicing for the faithful viewers who follow the lives of Mel (Alexandra Breckenbridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) and their complicated sentimental relationship in the Netflix series that has everyone hooked. Above all, because they are eager to know what is next about the true paternity of the baby that is on the way.

And it is that while many fans are waiting for the next episodes of Virgin River to premiere on Netflix in the short term, the actor who plays Jack in the fantasy drama offered an update this week through his official account in the social network Instagram, while showing himself in a photo in the middle of the recording studio.

Martin Henderson Updates Fans on Virgin River Season 4

Martin Henderson pretty much indicated that the wait for season 4 can’t last much longer. The actor who plays Jack is seen working on post-production for Season 4 as seen in the photo he shared online as he works on the final editing touches for new Virgin River episodes. This wrote:

“Back to work… leaving season four good and ready for consumption.”

In the image, Henderson can be seen in the recording booth dubbing a scene. This is a post-production stage to correct some audio weaknesses in the shots or add lines that were not previously recorded or that had noise or low volume.