Virgin River: Season 4 Has Filming Completed


Virgin River: Since the end of the 3rd season of Virgin River, fans have been looking forward to the 4th season of the series, which should bring important answers to some doubts left by the last episode. The most recent information is that the filming has already been completed and only the release date will be announced by Netflix.

News of the completion of the recordings was leaked by actor Martin Henderson, who plays protagonist Jack Sheridan. Henderson posted a photo of him in Virgin River’s post-production work on Instagram.

Henderson’s post

In the post, he placed a photo inside the studio recording the voice for some scenes from the series. Along with the image, the actor wrote that he was working to guarantee fans a season 4 of respect and ended by wishing everyone a good weekend.

“Doing a little post-production work on season 4 of #virginriver. Making sure everything is smooth and satisfying for the best fans EVER! Everyone has a great weekend wherever they are,” Henderson posted.

With the news of post-production work, fan anxiety builds for the release of Season 4 of Virgin River.

Taking into account the debut gap between previous seasons, and the fact that Virgin River’s post-production isn’t as strict on special effects, it’s estimated that season 4 will hit the streaming platform by mid-2022.