Virgin River: Producer Talks About The Future of Mel and Jack On The Netflix Series


Virgin River: Recently, Season 3 of Virgin River debuted on Netflix, leaving many open questions for fans. In an attempt to find out what might happen in the already confirmed season 4, TV Insider interviewed Sue Tenney, executive producer of the show.

When asked how Mel’s pregnancy (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) will affect the couple’s relationship, Tenney replied that their past has weighed heavily on the relationship since the beginning of the plot.

“For Jack and Mel, their love is unquestionable. Both carry baggage from the past. That’s not necessarily baggage, but your past is always complicating your present. We all believe in Jack and Mel’s love for each other, but we also know it was a big complication,” she said.

During the events of the Season 3 finale, it was also possible to see that Jack (played by Martin Henderson) and Mel have not been able to align plans for the future due to their individual desires. But according to Sue Tenney, fans can continue to hope.

“Jack broke up with her because he didn’t want to stop her from having the life she wanted, which is being a mother. At the moment he is making assumptions. However, over the course of the series, eventually they will get married. I can say that.” She revealed to her.

Virgin River: Sue Tenney comments on Jack’s shooter

At the end of season two, Brady (played by Ben Hollingsworth) was arrested after they found the gun he fired at Jack in his car. But he swears he is not responsible for the crime. Without revealing names, Tenney commented on the real shooter.

“The person who pulled the trigger and the person who wanted him dead are the same person. However, Calvin and Jimmy along with the failed Season 2 bout intersect with everything else.”

Virgin River is a Netflix series based on novels by author Robyn Carr. Currently, its 3 seasons are already available in the Brazilian streaming catalog.


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