Virgin River: New Teaser Brings Clues to Season 2 Mystery


Virgin River: The last season of Virgin River ended with a big event and the third season promises to answer some questions that were left behind, making the viewer’s heart beat faster.


The main mystery that Netflix left for viewers was the final scene, when Jack is shot and the sniper is not revealed. Now, finally, we got a tip from who might have shot the character with the new teaser released exclusively by the TVLine portal.

Check out the Virgin River Season 3 teaser

The teaser shows two characters talking about the illegal schemes that take place in the beautiful forests around the city and what can happen to those who threaten to end this plan.

Season 3 premieres on July 9th and has already been renewed for season four. The release date announcement featured a compilation of videos of the series’ actors talking about how happy they were with viewers’ anticipation requests.

Virgin River is an adaptation of the books by writer Robyn Carr and tells the story of Melinda, a nurse who decides to restart life in the small town of Virgin River. But she soon realized that her heart could go back to sighing with love in this place.

Check out the full trailer for Season 3:

The production features a cast full of stars, including: Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Annette O’Toole and Tim Matheson. In addition to receiving new names in this third year of the series, such as Zibby Allen from The Flash and Stacey Farber from Degrassi: The Next Generation.


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