Virgin River: New Season 3 Teaser Reveals Jack’s Future


Virgin River: The season 2 finale of Virgin River left all fans looking forward to the next season, which is now close to debut. To make us even more hopeful, Netflix released a new teaser for the 3rd season of the series.

A few weeks ago, the platform revealed a scene that could be a clue to discovering who shot Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) in the last episode of Season 2, which closed with a great suspense. Now, Netflix has released a new scene that reveals that Jack is still alive, but we still can’t find out if he’s completely okay.

Season 3’s plot will have a big focus on this quest for who and why they shot him, as well as featuring the protagonist starting a new relationship with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge). The premiere will be on July 9th and the series will feature 10 episodes.

Check out the new Virgin River teaser:

The show’s showrunner, Sue Tenney, explained why this season took a small time jump, going straight to Jack’s recovery rather than returning to where it left off in the last episode. “Once it’s established that Jack will survive the shooting, the psychological component of his recovery is the most appealing. (…) Jack’s memory of the shooting will come back in fragments. , but I can promise it will be worth it.”

Remembering that, at the beginning of the month, the series was renewed for the 4th season, and the shooting should start in July and be completed in November of this year. The series is based on books by author Robyn Carr.

In addition to the cast that viewers already follow, the series will have new names this season, such as: Zibby Allen, Stacey Farber and Kai Bradbury.


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