Virgin River: Actor Grayson Gurnsey talks about the change that season 4 will have


With just two months to go until the premiere of Virgin River Season 4, viewers are eager to find out what will happen to Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson). However, the actor in charge of playing Ricky, Grayson Gurnsey, has revealed some details of what will happen in this fourth installment.

Virgin River follows the story of nurse Mel Monroe, who moves to a small town to clear her mind of the big city and a sad past. In this place she ends up meeting and falling in love with Jack Sheridan, owner of a popular local bar and former army marine. But, since they met, things have not been easy for them, because they have had to overcome hard tests.

Although things seemed hopeful for the couple, in the third season they broke up after Jack shared that he did not want to have children with Mel. Something that surprised not only Mel, but also all the spectators. Although this may be because his former partner, Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) is also expecting twins.

However, this whole situation left Mel heartbroken, as he had always wanted children. In fact, in her first romance, she and her ex-partner went through the IVF (in vitro fertilization) process, unfortunately he passed away and things did not move on. But, all that process was kept in the clinic. With the separation from Jack, she decided to return to the city and continue with the procedure and have her baby.

Now, as viewers wait for Virgin River season 4, actor Grayson Gurnsey has had some thoughts. The star took to his official Instagram account to share some images from the fourth season, as well as a long caption explaining some changes and surprises:

“I just wanted to take this moment to tell you that in my opinion this is the best season yet.”

“I’ll be laughing and crying all the time,”

“Everyone on this project has worked hard to give you the best. I am, as always, proud of this show. I hope you see it,” said Grayson Gurnsey.

In his publication, Grayson Gurnsey assured that season 4 will be the best that Virgin River and the Netflix platform will have. Which is why both he and the cast members are excited for all fans to watch the drama on July 20, 2022.

Recall that after Mel’s return to Virgin River, Jack decided to try one more time with her, saying that he wanted to fix things and start a family. However, when he confessed to her that she was pregnant, it all resulted in an epic cliffhanger, which shocked all viewers for what is about to happen.