Virgin Galactic Will Test-Flight Founder Before Jeff Bezos


Virgin Galactic: The space exploration company Virgin Galactic announced this Thursday (2) a new test trip for the 11th of July this year. However, this will be a special event: Virgin group founder Sir Richard Branson will be one of the crew.

The executive will join the team alongside trained military personnel, experienced pilots, engineers and researchers. The entire group was disclosed in a company video.

The date seems to have been chosen carefully: the test flight will take place nine days before the event planned by rival Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, who will also participate in a test flight of the company itself. The case of Bezos even generated a humorous campaign for the now ex-Amazon CEO not even to return to planet Earth.

Founded in 2004, Virgin Galactic flew a similar flight that was successful in May 2021 and has already obtained a license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate commercially in the country. However, this will be the first time the spacecraft will have more than two human occupants.

What’s next?

This will also be Virgin Galactic’s first space voyage to be broadcast over the internet. Details regarding the time have not been released, but new information should be provided as the date approaches. And Branson also promised news for the next flights.

“When we get back, I’m going to announce something very exciting to give more people the chance to become astronauts, because space belongs to all of us”, concludes the executive, leaving the mystery in the air.


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