Virgin Galactic Sells Space Flight Tickets For R$2.4 Million


Virgin Galactic: If you don’t know what skyrocketing prices are, try buying a ticket for a brief trip to suborbital space by Virgin Galactic, whose sales resumed this Thursday (5). Each spacewalk, which reaches approximately 86 kilometers in height, is costing US$ 450,000, equivalent to R$ 2.4 million.

The opening of ticket sales comes nearly a month after the first successful flight aboard the company’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo spacecraft, with its full crew, including Virgin founder and CEO, billionaire Richard Branson.

In addition to the 80% increase in the value of tickets, Virgin Galactic is offering other news, according to the company’s Chief Executive, Michael Colglazier in a press release on Thursday morning (5th), when the financial results were released . According to him, interested parties will be able, from now on, to “purchase a full flight”, or a package with several seats to fly with friends or family.

The Virgin Galactic Journey

Talking about Virgin Galactic without citing its creator Richard Branson is impossible. Billionaire with a rockstar appearance, the Brit likes a challenge, and has a history of endeavors ranging from raising parakeets as a child to one of the biggest music labels in the world.

Unlike other space tourism companies, Virgin Galactic does not launch rockets into space. Your spacecraft is transported by the VMS Eve jet up to a height of 10 miles. From there, the VSS Unity SpaceShip disconnects, activates its rocket thrusters, and begins an almost vertical climb. Passengers spend a few minutes without gravity, and return to Earth aboard their own vehicle.

According to Virgin Galactic, around 60 people had already purchased tickets at the old price, between US$ 200,000 and US$ 250,000. Another thousand have already made deposits to guarantee their seats on future take-offs. Tourist flights must start in early 2022.


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