Virgin Galactic: See How To Watch The 1st Manned Flight on Sunday


Virgin Galactic: Next Sunday, July 11, the space tourism company Virgin Galactic will make its first fully manned flight into outer space. Broadcast in real time, the take-off will have on board the company’s founder, Richard Branson, the billionaire responsible for achievements in different areas, such as recording Genesis records, crossing the Atlantic in a boat and buying a Formula 1 team.

Officially, Branson boarding is just to enjoy the customer experience on future Virgin trips. However, because the suborbital tour was announced shortly after the announcement that fellow Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos would go into space on the company’s first flight, the event has been considered a “race of billionaires” to Karman’s line.

This line is actually an imaginary divider, situated 100 km above sea level, between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Its location has been a matter of dispute between the two companies, with the CEO of Blue Origin claiming that only their New Shepard rocket is capable of crossing the line.

How to watch Virgin Galactic flight?

The controversy makes perfect sense. After all, the fight is for a market where wealthy people are willing to pay up to US$ 250,000 (R$ 1.3 billion) for a Virgin Galactic seat, even before the official launch of the service. Blue Origin, in turn, has not yet released its price list.

Spacewalks are totally different: while Blue Origin’s descent takes place inside a capsule in a Texas desert, Virgin Galactic’s landing takes place on the same runway as the Mojave Aerospace Port in the US.

You can watch the Virgin Galactic flight broadcast next Sunday, July 11, starting at 10:00 am GMT, by directly accessing the Virgin Galactic website, or via YouTube at this link.