Virgin Galactic postpones spaceflight test


Space company Virgin Galactic has delayed the spaceflight test. The company says it needs more time for the necessary technical checks.

According to CNBC’s report, Virgin Galactic determined that it needed extra time for “technical checks” while conducting pre-flight work and SpaceShipTwo delayed the test flight. The space company did not specify when it could try the new flight again.

Virgin Galactic cancels flight for the second time

Virgin Galactic was supposed to perform as a result of rescheduling the December flight that previously ended with a rocket engine failure. However, the space company failed to fix what it believed had a solution.

Virgin, who plans to retest this weekend to validate the correction it made, canceled the flight and said it needed more time.

In addition, it should be noted that the company’s focus is planning to make two more test flights before shifting to full-fledged commercial service. It is also stated that the company, whose stock rose rapidly, experienced a decrease in the stock market value after this cancellation.


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