Virgin Galactic Completes Airborne Infiltration Test of VSS Unity Spacecraft (Video)


Space company Virgin Galactic continues to work on commercial spaceflight plans. The company also announced that the second air glide test of the VSS Unity spacecraft has also been successfully completed.

With SpaceX taking a manned flight to ISS, space has begun to attract even more attention from commercial companies, but SpaceX is certainly not alone in this industry. Virgin Galactic, which is trying to be part of the commercial spaceflight competition, continues its spacecraft development efforts even though there are some delays.

Virgin Galactic, after the first flight test with the VSS Unity spacecraft, carried out the float test yesterday after the spacecraft was left in the company’s headquarters in New Mexico.

Taking off with a carrier vehicle from the center of the company, VSS Unity was left in the space (!) From a height of 50,000 feet (15,000 meters). After being released, VSS Unity successfully managed to land in the company’s flight center by gliding through the air. In the statement made by Virgin Galactic about the test, the spacecraft moved slightly faster than other attempts and reached a speed of 0.85 Mach.

Explaining about VSS Unity’s successful second air glide test, Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides said, “It was an important test now that we can start preparing vehicles for a motor flight. Our focus for this year will be to continue preparing our vehicles and operations for long-term, regular commercial spaceflight service. ”

Virgin Galactic VSS Unity airborne test video:

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