Virgin Galactic Closes Quarter With a Loss of US$56 Million


This Thursday (6), Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, announced that the company will soon open the sale of tickets for the next trip undertaken by the company, which will cost from US$ 450,000 (R$ 2.4 million). , in direct conversion). In addition, he presented the financial results for the second quarter of 2021, with a million dollar loss.

Even generating US$571 million in revenue (R$2.9 billion), Virgin Galactic had a loss of US$56 million (US$293.8 million), a result a little worse than in the first quarter, when it lost of US$55.9 million (R$293.2 million). Still, after yesterday’s announcement, the company’s shares gained 5%.

As for future plans, Colglazier promised during the conference: “We have a significant range of product offerings to address the different ways in which people will want to share private astronaut flights.”

Priority list

On July 11, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson had announced two more tours after the company performed the first crew, in which he was present. Speaking of the next, expectations point to shipment in September at the America Spaceport, a commercial base located in the state of New Mexico, United States. Furthermore, whoever participates will have members of the Italian Air Force as colleagues.

Dubbed the Unity 23 flight, this will be the last before a break until 2022, dedicated to technological improvements. After that will come Unity 24, in which George Whitesides, former CEO of Virgin Galactic, will join four experts and, of course, other adventurers able to pay for the experience. So, already in Unity 25, fully commercial operations should start (third quarter of next year).

Tests such as those that took place and will take place before the official launch of its services represent the final stages of the development of vehicles used for space tourism by the company. On the VSS Unity spacecraft, up to four people can launch into space, along with two pilots, even if it holds up to eight people.

In any case, it will take time for the “common public” to have access to the trips, since, for now, a list of priorities determines where those who want to apply for the adventures will stay. Those responsible for upfront investments are at the top of it.


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