Viral Video of a Robot Waiter Spilling Drinks on The Floor Has Caused Controversy


A customer’s viral TikTok about a server robot spilling drinks on a restaurant floor has sparked controversy about robots doing human work.

Content creator baggedglii posted a five-second TikTok clip showing a server robot waiting in the restaurant where he had lunch.

“Just trying to record these cool robots serving drinks and this is what happens,” he wrote in the caption to the video, which has racked up a whopping 10.2 million views.

The video shows two robots serving drinks to customers. However, one of them turned the corner and dropped a tray of drinks, which then spilled all over the floor.

“This new artificial intelligence technology is maddening,” TikToker wrote in the text of his video on the screen along with a laughing crying emoji.

After the robot spilled two full drinks, he stopped and said in his automatic voice: “Bummer.”

TikTok reacted to the fact that the robot spilled drinks on the floor

In the comments, several TikTok users joked about the robot’s failure.

“The robot was probably confused,” one of the users commented.

“Robots are tired, overworked and underpaid too!” another joked. “Please forgive him, he’s our new student,” a third joked.

Others questioned the effectiveness of robot servers and whether they could replace human servers.

“If these robots take over the restaurant industry, we are doomed,” one user commented.

“What’s the point if now you need a person to remove it? Why not just make a human pitch from the very beginning,” wrote another.

“Well, it looks like they’re going to need a person to clean it up,” a third added.

“I really don’t mind robots serving me drinks. Human waiters can be just as clumsy,” someone else shared.

This is just the latest robot video shot on TikTok; previously, a customer went viral after being forced to tip the robots who were making his drink.


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