Viral Video Baffles Fans Over a Wallet Full of French Fries


The creator of TikTok content found a lost handbag in a bar and burst out laughing, checking what was inside, as it turned out to be filled to the brim with French fries.

The creator of the content “Prettyyrozayy” got worried when she found someone’s purse in a bar. She opened her purse, hoping to find some kind of ID, but her anxiety quickly turned into confused amusement.

In her now viral TikTok with over 18 million views, Rosai unzips a bag and shows off the contents to the camera, showing a bag filled to the brim with French fries.

“Someone lost their purse at the bar, so I’m like, hmmm, what’s in this purse, maybe we could find this person,” she said in the video, opening the purse.

“I’m kidding, no,” she says, before revealing that there’s absolutely nothing in her purse but French fries and having a good laugh about it.


The things we find at the bar! 🤣🤣 #bartenderlife #bartender #fries #purse #club #drunk

♬ original sound – Prettyyrozayy

TikTok users were quick to leave their thoughts about this in the comments, and many felt a sense of camaraderie towards the anonymous owner of a wallet filled with fry.

“It would be so sad for me to go home without French fries,” complains one of the users.

“I knew I had left it somewhere,” commented McDonald’s official TikTok account.

“I feel like we all got this handbag,” jokes a third user.

Many others felt that this situation perfectly reflected their personality, simply preferring to comment “I” or “she is me”.

Another group reported that this could be an easy way to make a lot of new friends, since there were also a lot of comments like this: “I want to be friends with this wallet owner”.


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