Viral TikTok shows that the Magic Kingdom restaurant is flooded, while people calmly continue to eat at Disney World


Disney World, which recently reached a new milestone of discovery after the pandemic, seems like the perfect place to have fun with your family. Since the reopening, people have really visited the theme park en masse, which has led to an increase in the waiting time for attractions. However, some of these recent Disneyland visitors had an unexpectedly wet experience, as a viral TikTok showed that the Magic Kingdom restaurant flooded while the visitors calmly continued to eat.

Hey, at least it didn’t catch fire like another Disney World attraction! Instead, water began to seep into the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, a saloon- and cafeteria-style restaurant located in Frontierland Magic Kingdom.

A TikTok user was sent a video shot by their father, which shows a Mexican restaurant covered with a thin layer of water. Despite the fact that the water, of course, contradicts the atmosphere of the wild West and is in no way part of the aesthetics of Imagineered, the video shows that the restaurant’s visitors continue to eat relatively calmly, from time to time looking at the flooded land.

After two years of living in a pandemic, it would seem that a little water is not needed gradually. People are pretty much used to living in unfavorable conditions and being isolated in their homes, and they just want to go out into the world and do something. This video is pretty much the real-life equivalent of the “It’s Okay” meme with a dog sitting in a burning room. On the other hand, if I paid the rising prices for a Disneyland vacation, I wouldn’t let a small amount of water ruin my experience.

The flooding of Pecos Bill occurred after a holiday attraction opened in a related Disney World Disneyland theme park due to flooding. Fixing a small flood in a restaurant probably doesn’t matter much compared to damaging machinery during a trip, but it’s still not something you want to see when trying to eat a burrito between trips. Disney World has also had its own problems with flooding after heavy rain, as Hollywood studios accidentally turned into a water park earlier this year.

According to a TikTok user who shared the video, the flooding was caused by a blockage of one of the drains outside the restaurant. Torrential rains were apparently part of the cause in this case as well, which cannot be avoided in the Florida climate.

Despite the fact that occasional floods seem to happen at Disneyworld, the iconic theme park is constantly adding new features, and in 2022, theme park visitors are looking forward to the appearance of a number of upcoming Disneyland attractions.