Viral TikTok Exposes That “Karen” Took Off From The Flight, Hoping That All Passengers Would “Crash and Die”


In the viral TikTok, “Karen” is escorted off a Spirit Airlines flight. But before leaving, she shouts out that she hopes that all the passengers will “crash and die,” which causes a reaction even from the captain.

The viral TikTok begins with passengers greeting “Karen” as she is escorted off the plane. But after the passenger booed her, instead of peacefully leaving, the lady shouts rude remarks to everyone.

“Boo, bitch. If you were in my place, you would do the same.”

Given that the video is devoid of context, it is impossible to say whether an ordinary passenger would have done the same in unknown circumstances. But one thing is absolutely clear: “Karen” lacked class, because the last thing she said to the others was: “I hope you all crash and die!”


#karen says “I hope y’all crash and die!” on #spiritairlines and pilot goes after her. And now there’s a four hour delay!

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This comment was greeted throughout the plane with a gasp. As for the pilot, the rude statement prompted him to stand up and directly confront the lady. Since the confrontation takes place behind the scenes, it is impossible to say exactly what happened from that moment.

As expected, in the comments section of the TikTok viral video, the girl was criticized.

“This is not what you want from Spirit,” one user added. For those who don’t know, Spirit Airlines has a history of faulty planes, which makes a person’s comment particularly unpleasant to the taste.

“Why was she kicked out at all? Story time, please!” asks another viewer, clearly interested in the full story. But unfortunately for them, the original TikTok user has not yet provided the context in the comments section or in another video.


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