Viral TikTok Actually Used Chips To Demonstrate How Kim Kardashian’s Tiny Micro Bikini


Kim Kardashian is arguably one of the trendiest celebrities of the year as she continues to create new looks for her shapewear and clothing line, as well as developing her own sense of style after Kanye’s death. However, this does not mean that all her images are winning, because who can forget the SKIMS swimming gloves? The popular product seemed to have flown off the shelves, and I just know that this summer there will be people who will walk around with a reverse farmer’s tan. However, there is now another item from her SKIMS swimming collection that went viral after TikToker pointed out how “micro” the Micro-Bikini actually is.

A TikTok video featuring a Hulu reality TV star’s micro bikini has gone viral after a SKIMS customer used tortilla chips (more precisely, Trader Joe’s brand) to show that the area of skin covered with the material is no bigger than your favorite Mexican restaurant. snack. Salsa, anyone?


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At first glance, it seems that tortilla chips are actually part of a bikini, which really proves how accurate the size comparison is. TikToker doesn’t say what size of bikini she bought, so I have to wonder if larger sizes can (they increase to 4X, according to the SKIMS website (opens in a new tab)) could you cover a little more? In any case, this point is really the definition of scarcity.

It’s very similar to a brand for an influencer who posted photos of her exercising in a barely-there bodysuit. Kim Kardashian has proven what she will do for fashion, but given the reaction to the aforementioned TikTok, there are many fans who seem a little hesitant to follow her down this path. One commenter scored more than 39,300 likes, saying:

Everyone talks about their beef curtains (which are the same), but I’m also worried about my pepperoni. No part of my body will be hidden

We should thank the tortilla chips, but several TikTok respondents immediately compared their body parts to different snacks, and to be honest, the comments were as golden as the post itself. Additional reactions are included:

  • My meaty 5-layer purrito consists of at least 5 tortilla chips.
  • My puff pastry can be Nevsky
  • my cheese crunch gordita with potatoes instead of meat left this conversation…
  • (opens the package with Doritos) removes the fool
  • Everyone is talking about panties, but I just think my tostada-sized balloon olas would never be able to

Time of death: the second one I read “airy olas”. This may be Kim Kardashian’s last TikTok SKIMS roast, but it’s certainly not the first. One user drew attention to the small size, wearing shapewear and humorously calling herself “Winnie the Pooh” and stating that the bottom gave her “two buttocks more than I started.”

Even Khloe Kardashian talked about the lack of fabric on some SKIMS clothing items, noting that she needs to cover the vaginal area more. Kim also came, announcing a wider neckline (#TheKhloeKut) of her body line.

Whether you decide to splurge on SKIMS items or agree, they inspire some pretty hilarious social media content. I’m sure we’ll see more items modeled by famous family members when the Kardashians appear on the 2023 TV schedule with season 3. Until then, you can catch up on the first two seasons with a Hulu subscription.


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