It has been a mess since Can Yaman was in Spain. In fact, the actor has disappeared from networks since last November when he published several entries about his trip to our country.

Since then they have not left more than information, without confirming, about a possible boycott of the actor in his own country. First, it began to be said that the Butterfly Hunt team had paid people to meet them at the airport as fans. Recall the flood of people who gathered to receive him. His time in Spain left no one indifferent.

The Risto Mejide program, Everything is a lie, began to investigate and contributed both the denial of the actor and the program. But the critics didn’t stop there. It seems that there is a kind of smear campaign against the actor who, while the headlines against him multiply, he travels through Brazil delighting his Latin American fans.

Apparently, the series in which I was going to participate with the producer of Erkenci Kus has been postponed and that has generated hypotheses about the reason. On the one hand, there are those who say that it is the product of a boycott of the country’s producers after their meeting with Javier Bardem in Spain.

Apparently, during her time in our country, Can Yaman attended an event of AISGE, an organization whose president is the mother of Bardem and who is responsible for managing the copyright of the actors. In Turkey the laws are different and the benefits of the international success of the series do not fall on them but on the producers.

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It was said that the actor was thinking of launching a campaign to change the laws of his country in this regard and that, therefore, the producers had initiated a boycott.

But there are more hypotheses. Others point out that the cause of the malaise that could be in Turkey with the actor is due to the interview that Violeta Mangriñán did, or rather, because of the attitude of flirtation that occurred between them. A country somewhat more conservative than ours in this area, I would not have seen that interview with good eyes.

And since there are not two without three, there are also those who think that there is no boycott and that, simply, the actor is relaxing before starting his mandatory military service and that, the postponement of his series would be motivated by a script problem. Of course, it could also have been delayed by the supposed contract that Yaman would be negotiating with the Italian edition of Survivors.

The fact is that the information about the actor does not stop happening and we cannot give credibility to everything that is said because there are no official sources that accredit them.

What we want is for the actor to return to his networks to tell us news about his life and work, that there are many fans pending his steps.


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