Violent dispute between CJNG and “El azul”


Despite the fact that José Antonio Yépez Ortiz “El Marro”, leader and founder of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, was arrested last August, the violence in Guanajuato does not stop, since the Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) cartel disputes control of the been to the people of the former huachicolero leader.

After the capture of “El Marro”, Adán Ochoa, “El Azul” is the new leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel.

The criminal groups had a confrontation in the community of La Luz, in the city of Celaya, where long weapons came to light.

The events took place on the Celaya-Salamanca road section, where the criminals set cars on fire, in the vicinity of the municipalities of Villagrán and Juventino Rosas.

Two gunmen died in the confrontation, although it is unknown to which criminal group they belong.

Guanajuato became the most violent state in the country due to the confrontations between members of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, which until last August was headed by “El Marro”, and after his arrest “El Azul” assumed the leadership.


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