Viola Davis reigns supreme in the first trailer for the movie “The Woman King”


Sony Pictures has released the first official trailer for its upcoming historical epic movie “The Woman King,” which is due to hit theaters this September. In the upcoming film, Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis will play a ferocious leader tasked with defending her kingdom from the sinister forces of evil.

The action of the film “The Woman King” from Sony Pictures is based on real historical events and takes place in the West African kingdom of Dahomey. The film tells about Davis, who played Naniska, the leader of a female military detachment of passionate warriors, who became a source of inspiration for Dora Milache from Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. In addition to Naniski, the film also tells about Navi, a serious recruit called up to join the squad to help fight the enemy seeking to enslave their people and the whole of Africa.

The trailer opens with the voice of John Boyega as King Gezo, who notes the approaching evil that will become a threat to their kingdom and freedom. The looming antagonists act as Europeans seeking to seize control of the African continent and everything it offers. The powerful real-life events shown in the trailer footage demonstrate how Davis from Suicide Squad is preparing the Kingdom of Dahomey for war, trying to protect everything they love and cherish.

Boyega describes Davis’ aggressive nature as an unsurpassed weapon that Europeans cannot handle, which is emphasized in tense combat scenes in which the commander of a military unit is the center of attention. The upcoming film aims to demonstrate the true beauty of the Kingdom of Dahomey, as well as the passion of its inhabitants. “We are the spear of victory. We are the blade of freedom. We are Dahomey,” Davis’s character expresses, pointing to an epic battle between two opposing forces.

Davis recently spoke about the grueling nature of the transformative role and the intense training she went through to meet the physically demanding demands of performing. The training sessions were conducted several months before filming began, and consisted of strategically different combat and strength training that helped transform the Oscar-winning star into an ambitious military commander. Davis noted that she has never played such roles and understands that such stories are limited, which makes the incredible part even more meaningful.

“The Woman King” will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, whose last directorial work was the 2020 Netflix original film “The Old Guard,” starring Charlize Theron. Prince-Bythewood also co-wrote the script for the upcoming film with screenwriter Dana Stevens. Capitan Marvel star Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim and Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin will also star in the fast-approaching film as the brutal battle for freedom and honor peaks over the horizon.

“The Woman King” will be released in theaters on September 16, 2022.