Vinnie Guadagnino’s complications due to COVID-19 have suspended future Chippendales performances


Jersey Shore Star: Family Vacation Vinnie Guadagnino recently reported Coronavirus (COVID-19) “a few weeks ago,” but the stripper from Chippendales is still experiencing side effects. Find out what this means for Vinnie’s future performances at Chippendales.

Vinnie returned to Chippendales in the spring of 2022.

At the moment, Vinnie is another member of the cast of the Chippendales. The reality TV star has performed several times at the famous men’s revue in Las Vegas, including twice this year.

In February 2022, the Jersey Shore star took to Instagram to announce his new dates of residence. “I’M BACK, BABY!” Vinnie wrote on February 11: “COVID closed my 3rd residence, but we’re back and rocking Vegas more than ever! Book your ticket right now to have the best party on the strip.” Vinnie performed on weekends from March 11 to April 10.

According to Broadway World, Vinnie had another six-week engagement planned, starting with Memorial Day Weekend and ending on the Fourth of July. However, the consequences of the reality TV star’s recent diagnosis have changed these plans.

Long-term effects of coronavirus prevent Vinnie Guadagnino from performing in Chippendales

On June 14, the reality TV star took to Instagram again to inform his fans about it. “A few weeks ago I got sick with COVID,” he wrote in his Instagram stories, continuing:

“I’ve been negative ever since and I’ve been trying to get back on stage at Chippendales… I’m fine… but unfortunately my body is still suffering from complications that prevent me from performing. I love you guys, but as you know, health comes first. I’ll rest and keep you posted when I get back.”

Vinnie did not specify where he got the coronavirus from.

Jersey Shore fans sympathize with Keto Guido

Vinnie’s fans took to Reddit to discuss his post. “… I hope he gets better,” writes one Reddit user. “Covid can definitely have lasting effects after you get better…..Hopefully he can get back to normal soon.”

“I can already hear Paulie [DelvEcchio] yelling ‘Vinnie’s got a long COVID, yeah!’ over and over…,” another Reddit user said. Another comment reads:

“Apart from jokes about Vinnie, this virus is not a joke. He is healthy and in good shape, but a long COVID can hit anyone, especially the heart. Or any other vital organ, very scary! I really hope he’s okay!”

Another Reddit user reminded everyone that the coronavirus should not be taken lightly. “I hope Vinnie will be all right,” they wrote. “Covid cannot be taken lightly. Even young, healthy people are struggling.”

Vinnie Guadagnino returns in new episodes of the series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”.

New episodes of the series “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” will begin airing on June 23. Vinnie and the rest of the cast from Jersey Shore, including Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Jenny “JWoww” Farley, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Angelina Pivarnik, Dina Cortese. , and Paulie will return in new episodes.

Big family, big milestones and even more drama! #JSFamilyVacation returns with all new episodes in Yerzhdai, June 23, at 8:7c on MTV.

This time the actors visited El Paso, Texas and San Diego. Tune in for the start of June 23 at 20:00. ET to see how the rest of Season 5 unfolds.