Vincent Martella: where’s Greg from Everybody Hates Chris?


Vincent Martella: The actor Vincent Martella was known for playing the cute and nerdy Greg in Everybody Hates Chris, the best friend of the title character. In the show, here in Brazil, he became known, even, for his popular catchphrase “man, she’s so into yours”.

However, the actor, who at the time was a child, grew up and continued working in Hollywood. Are you curious to see how he is now?

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Everybody Actor’s First Years Hates Chris

Vincent Michael Martella was born on October 15, 1992, in Rochester, United States. A prodigy, he started acting and playing instruments as a child, in addition to participating in commercials on local broadcasters.

After minor appearances in series, such as Nickelodeon’s Ned School Survival Manual, he won his most prominent role: Greg Wuliger, Chris’s best friend in the Everybody Hates Chris series. One of the main characters of the production, the actor appeared in 86 of the 88 episodes and gained some moments of protagonism, as the episode in which he did not want to go alone to the school dance.

Phineas and Ferb

Like her serial partner, Tyler James Williams, Martella also had success at Disney. The actor is the voice behind Phineas from the animated series Phineas and Ferb. He started working on the program even before Everyone Hates Chris was finished. The two series overlapped for some years in his career between 2007 and 2009.

Phineas and Ferb was a huge hit with audiences of all ages, and is still a recurring favorite at Disney.

Although it was widely known that Ashley Tisdale voiced Candace, the other characters were less well known. Thus, it may come as a surprise that Martella starred in the animation for so long, giving voice to one of the titular characters.

In addition to playing one of the brothers at the Disney show, Vincent also recorded Phineas’ voice for video games featuring the boy with the triangle head.

Clearly, he is one of those Disney stars who is doing really well today. He always goes back to his Phineas days, sharing photos and promotional materials on Instagram. In addition, he also participated in the 2020 film, Phineas and Ferb, the Film: Candace Against the Universe, in which Candace is abducted by aliens, and it is up to Phineas and Ferb to embark on a rescue journey.

Other works

In addition to his main roles, in Phineas and Ferb and Everybody Hates Chris, Martella also has other projects. He voiced Robin in Batman: Death in the Family last year, an animated interactive short based on the tale of the same name, continuing his participation in 2010’s Batman Against the Red Hood. In the project, the younger brother Vincent’s voice also made the voice of the younger version of his character.

Among his other works, he acted in European Gigolo by Accident, in 2005, Bait Shop and Do What I Say, Don’t Do What I Do, in 2008, and had small roles in other productions.

On television, after the end of production based on Chris Rock’s life in 2009, he made other appearances in episodes of Love Bites, Ultimate Spider-Man and The Mentalist. In addition, he was in the 4th season of The Walking Dead, in 2013, as Patrick, participating in three episodes.

He is also the voice of Hope Estheim in the 2010 video game Final Fantasy XIII, and in its sequences, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Currently, at 28, Martella divides her time between residing in Los Angeles and Florida.